Floor coverings

Tafelparkett 1. Stock in Arbeit © SNP Architektur
Panel parquet, 1st floor, during restoration © SNP Architektur

The stock of wooden floors ranges from simple plank floors to strip parquet floors – laid using herringbone patterns – to panel parquet floors in various designs and types of wood.

Cracks, shrinkage joints, dents, signs of wear, discoloration and defects were carefully restored. As with all other areas of expertise, the preservation of wooden floors was also in the foreground in order to preserve the patina of use as an essential characteristic of the ambience.

The creaking of the historic wooden floor coverings can also be interpreted as an acoustic testimony to the material and age and was only repaired in the case of actual damage.



Dielenboden/Zementfliesen 2. Stock nach Restaurierung © SNP Architektur
Plank floor/cement tiles 2nd floor after restoration © SNP Architektur


The panel parquet in the small study on the second floor and in the reception room on the first floor had to be removed, restored, and reinstalled after water damage in the summer of 2023. This repair, like all the other measures on the wooden floors, was carried out with original glues and surface materials. The entire stock of cement tiles and ceramic flows had to be removed, cleaned, and reinstalled. The damaged material was replaced true to the original in terms of materiality, color, and ornamentation.




Tafelparkett 1. Stock nach Restaurierung © SNP Architektur
Panel parquet, 1st floor, after restoration © SNP Architektur



In the current entrance area and in the media room, there were no original floor coverings. For this reason, a high-quality terrazzo floor was produced there, which in its materiality and color scheme references the historic stock of the villa and at the same time remains recognizable as a contemporary furnishing element.

Executed by:
Parquet: Goiserer Parkett, Matthias Neuhuber
Tiles: Fliesen Möstl
Terrazzo floor: FUBO Maikl