Facade and roof

Dachstuhl Instandsetzungsarbeiten © SNP Architektur
Roof truss repair work © SNP Architektur


On the façade, in addition to the sometimes considerable cracks (see Foundation and Static Consolidation), moisture damage, plaster losses, socket losses, and microbiological infestation were apparent.

The façade was cleaned using hot water pressure blasting. Loose parts and contaminants were removed with a wire brush and spatula. Damaged plaster spots and plaster defects could be filled in and then the façades were whitewashed and primed. The color of the final coat represents an interpretation of the diverse historical color schemes and is based on the final coat.

After an additional assessment of the so-called “Stöckl” building, it was also integrated into the color scheme of the building ensemble.

Balustrade vor Restaurierung © SNP Architektur
Balustrade before restoration © SNP Architektur

Prior to the restoration, the roof was designed as an improperly manufactured cold roof and was covered partly with sheet metal and partly with small-scale fiber cement panels. After replacing damaged structural parts of the roof truss, the cold roof was professionally rebuilt, and the construction was strengthened in the process.

The new roofing was then carried out with tinned stainless steel in sheet metal sheets. Façade paneling on the cornices was repaired, supplemented, cleaned, and painted. The rainwater drainage pipes were replaced in the material of the roofing.

Executed by:
Facade: Malerei Roth
Roof: Steffner Dach + Wand