The wallpapers of the Lehár villa can be divided into textile wall coverings on the ground floor as well as recent and original wallpapers on the upper floors.

The mood of the dining room on the ground floor is mainly characterized by the fabric wall covering. This had to be completely removed due to its extremely poor state of preservation, although parts of the substructures could be preserved. The covering material was treated in accordance with the original in terms of color and structure. Although wall coverings of this kind are rarely used anymore, a local company was found that could carry out this technique.

A special example of the handling is the wallpaper in the vestibule on the first floor, as it had to be completely dismantled and reinstalled due to the construction work for the elevator.

Tapete 2. Stock mit Verbräunung vor Restaurierung © Markus Krön
Wallpaper 2nd floor with browning before restoration © Markus Krön


Other remaining wallpaper was partially removed and reinstalled in order to be able to install the wall heaters. All wallpaper was dry cleaned and defects were repaired and retouched.

In the course of the construction work, fragments of original wallpaper for the smoking room and the small study on the second floor were found. The rooms have now been painted in the shade of these wallpapers. At the same time, a project was launched to recreate these wallpapers true to their original nature using the screen-printing process. Due to the duration of this production, these can only be installed in the two rooms in 2025.

Executed by:
Wallpapers: Wallpaper Departement, Markus Krön
Wall coverings: Stollnberger Raumausstattung