Sitzfläche Armlehnstuhl Empfangszimmer © Julia Peev
Seat armchair, reception room © Julia Peev

Of the 146 textile objects identified – some with sub-numbers – 37 objects had to be classified as highly endangered, and around 100 objects were considered to be in need of restoration.

The following major damage patterns were identified:

Light damage to most objects due to UV-light irradiation and the associated reduced color intensity and in some cases a strong reduction in tear resistance.

Signs of wear such as cracks, defects, worn or worn areas on fabrics and carpets by visitors, manipulation, and cleaning.

Staining by dust and, in the case of objects made of wool and silk, also by moth cocoons. Mold on some rear views.

Here, too, conservation was carried out under the premise of material preservation. Only in individual cases have textiles been completely renewed. By means of wet and dry cleaning – depending on the fabric and object – as well as stabilisation by sewing and underlaying, those objects that had been classified as highly endangered were secured and refreshed.

Executed by:
Textilrestaurierung Julia Peev