Stingl-Flügel Mechanik vor Restaurierung © Gerd Hecher
Stingl piano action before restoration © Gerd Hecher

In addition to the Steinway grand piano and the Stingl grand piano, there is a baroque-style harmonium in the small study. In the attic a silent piano was also found.

"The Steinway grand piano model C, Opus 151754 from the Lehár villa in Bad Ischl was built in Hamburg in 1911/12 and was delivered on March 2nd, 1912, from Hamburg to Vienna to a dealer. It is not possible to trace exactly which dealer this was, but it can be assumed that it was either the piano dealer Bernhard Kohn or the company Lauberger & Gloss. It is not known how and to whom the grand piano was sold by the dealer. The fact is the grand piano came into the possession of Franz Lehár and his villa in Bad Ischl at an unknown time."

Steinway-Flügel Mechanik vor Restaurierung © SNP Architektur
Steinway-Flügel Mechanik vor Restaurierung © SNP Architektur

“The grand piano of the Stingl brothers is a model Superior, Opus 10963 with Viennese mechanics from the year 1903/04 and was probably purchased by Franz Lehár from the Stingl company. The company still has its headquarters in Vienna with its own restoration workshop.

Both pianos had to be thoroughly cleaned. In addition, traces of rust were removed, tuners were adjusted, dampers were reattached, and the instruments were made playable again. Damage to the legs, body, or lid was repaired, paint surfaces were cleaned and polished."

"The grand piano has the characteristics of a New York Steinway, which was not unusual at the time, as Steinway Hamburg also purchased many components from the New York factory at the time."

Source: Restoration report Mag. Gert Hecher und Ilko Kumric, Klavierbaumeister

Executed by:
Gert Hecher, Klavierbaumeister
Gustav Ignaz Stingl, Klaviermacher Meisterwerkstätten