Fensterrestaurierung © SNP Architektur
Window restoration © SNP Architektur

The stock of windows and shutters was relatively inconsistent due to the different construction periods, age, and wear and tear as well as after the installation of recent elements.

The aim was to restore the complete wooden box windows, both for winter and summer use. In winter, the window openings are provided with an inner and an outer layer of window casements, in summer the outer level is swapped to shutters.

This handling, which is typical for villa buildings with wooden box windows, can be described as the seasonal, physical optimization of a building element. While the two glass layers provide the best possible protection against the cold in winter, the shutters provide good sun and heat protection in summer

Fensterladen vor Restaurierung
Shutters before restoration © Federal Monuments Authority Austria


The reflective surfaces of the winter glazing on the façade clearly distinguish the appearance of the entire building from the open or closed, flared, or folded window shutters. In addition to the resulting diverse visual qualities, it should be emphasized that by replacing the elements, their functional maintenance can also be ensured. 

The repair and restoration of the windows, shutters and window frames was carried out using existing elements, components, and fittings, some of which were found in the attic. 

The inner casement layer was supplemented with hand-blown sheet glass with integrated UV protection. All glasses were glazed with linseed oil putty. To improve protection against the cold and airtightness, the inner window casements were fitted with reversible sealing strips.


Außenfensterflügel in Arbeit © SNP Architektur
Exterior window casements in progress © SNP Architektur


Fittings were restored, supplemented, and made to move smoothly. The window frames, casements, and shutters were painted with oil paint. The oil painting, the high-quality craftsmanship and the hand-blown sheet glass create an extraordinary optical quality and material feel.

Restoration support:
Wood: Holzrestaurator Stefan Kainz
Glass: Glashütte Lamberts Waldsassen
Executed by:
Wood: Holzrestaurierung Hans Lugger
Fittings: Metallwerkstatt Reisinger