Tiled Stoves

Der Zeit entsprechend konnte die Lehár-Villa mit einer Vielzahl von Kachelöfen beheizt werden, die wesentliche Bestandteile der Ausstattung der Innenräume darstellen. Im Sinn einer potentiellen
Gefährdung des Gebäudes und der Ausstattung wurde nunmehr eine Holzfeuerung ausgeschlossen.

Kachelofen 1. Stock Ankleidezimmer © SNP Architektur
Kachelofen 1. Stock Ankleidezimmer 

In keeping with the times, the Lehár villa could be heated with a large number of tiled stoves, which are an essential part of the interior furnishings. In the sense of a potential danger to the building and the equipment, wood-burning has now been ruled out.

The furnaces on the ground floor had to be dismantled and rebuilt due to the structural measures required there.

The furnaces on the upper floors were in some cases severely damaged due to the structural defects of the building and therefore underwent extensive processing.

For some kilns, cleaning and repair work on the joints and glaze was sufficient. All the metal parts of the stoves – such as the sweeping doors of the chimneys – were cleaned and made available in the metal restoration workshop. The flue pipe connections are now used to bring in air for the central ventilation system.


Executed by: Hafnermeister Thomas Bochsbichler