Walls and ceilings

The walls and ceilings of the Lehár Villa had been reworked many times over the years. As a result, the historical first versions were preserved only in fragments and with a strong reduction.

In addition, the visible coating systems varied in each room, from distemper paints and binder distemper paints, lime paints to dispersion paints.

In accordance with the restoration objective, monochrome distemper paints were chosen as the painting system for walls and ceiling surfaces.

Significant preliminary work consisted of the filling after the sealing of construction-related cracks and the closing of slots for electrical wiring and for pipes of water-based wall heating.

Wall cladding and interior doors made of wood are in some areas essential design features of the walls. The coatings of these elements were renewed in accordance with the historical inventory.

Painting material, layer structure and painting technique can make a significant contribution to the authentic perception of space.


Executed by: Malerei Neureiter